The Vision

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Nordic Water Treatment is a company based on technical consultation in water technology and treatment. With our knowledge and innovative skills, we use local contracters to support and help on our projects, whether we are in Europe, Africa or in the Middle East. We believe that this business form helps to gain the local community as well.


With over ten years of experience in water treatment and technology with innovative solutions, we are leading in the field of using seawater and turn it into process water.

Based on local regulatives its posibble to take seawater and turn it in to pure and clean drinking water.


We have helped numerous of companies and communities around the world, by gaining access the process water or even drinking water.

Even places with easy access to water, we can help save up to 30% - 40% on you water costs.


Provide drinking water for the future today

Save energy and water with the right innovativte solution

Used by the local government and companies

Why not?

With our Nordic mindset and innovative creativity we think "out of the box" with solutions where others said it wasn't possible.